Friday, September 11, 2009

I Caught a Glimpse of You

I Caught a Glimpse of You

I caught a glimpse of you the other day – You were wearing a fireman’s hat and were running into the darkness to give life and you gave up yours.

I’m sure it was you I saw – you were wearing a police badge and carrying a child as you ran from a falling building.

It sounded like your voice as I turned to hear your words spoken to a child, “I love you, I’m here, I care.” You were holding her so close.

I looked and I believe it was you again, this time wearing a mask and mending a broken arm and a damaged lung.

You offered your oxygen mask to someone you didn’t know.

It must have been you who cheered from the crowd to encourage rescuers.

You drove an ambulance,

You operated a crane,

You handed out water,

You opened your wallet and gave more than you had.

I’m not sure if others spotted you in the crowd but I know you were there – doing what you have always done:

Bringing hope to the hopeless,

Holding the hands of our leaders,

Giving strength to the weary,

Calling people to help,

Unifying our hearts.

Through the dark cloud of smoke came a light – your light.

You have reminded us once again of who you are and because of your good deeds, we give praise to our Father in Heaven.

Keep shining through us.

Shine for the world to see.

Truly you are the light of the world.

I pray that others will see you in me like I have seen you in others.

Thank you Jesus.

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