Friday, January 07, 2011

Pray for Sudan

We have dear friends in Sudan that really need our prayers. From January 9th through the 15th, the people of Sudan will vote on a referendum that will determine the future of the nation. If the South secedes, the current president of Sudan promised to rewrite the constitution to insure Islam is the only religion and form of law in the North. This, of course, has significant implications for our friends.

Please pray for the following things:
  • Peace and safety for the Sudanese people 
  • Fair and free voting and counting 
  • God’s peace to be in the hearts of the believers of Sudan 
  • God’s grace and protection for our friends who continue working in the face of potentially tighter laws in the North 
  • Wisdom, compassion, and integrity to be exercised by the leadership of Sudan (North and South)

For 22 years the Northern Sudanese Muslims attacked the African, now largely Christian, Southern Sudanese.  The war took the lives of over 2 million and sparked worldwide interest in helping the marginalized Sudanese.  The goal of the North – Bring the entire country under Islamic rule. The war failed and left the South hungry for independence.  For the past six years Sudan has enjoyed a tenuous peace, brokered and monitored by the international community.

Here are three articles that will give you more insight:


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