Friday, August 05, 2011

One Day My Name Will Scroll

As I sit in silence watching the names of ministers who went home to be with our Lord over the last two years, I am filled with gratitude and respect. I am thankful for all who have gone before me. Their lives have blazed pathways for the Gospel to be shared. I know only a few by name, but I connect with their calling and I am moved by their commitment.

One day my name will scroll with many others.
It will be listed under the heading of the Potomac District, God willing.
It will not be in bold, or highlighted, as if to say, “he achieved more;” neither will there be an asterisk beside it as if to say, “he cheated.”
It will be listed equally among the faithful – fellow pastors, missionaries, teachers and friends.

As the music plays and the names appear, most of those who are viewing won’t even notice or recognize my name amongst so many. They are watching for another.
But I pray there will be some who say, “That man was a Godly man, a faithful man, one that loved God and cared for people.” I pray there will be others who say, “He made a difference in my life,” or “he introduced me to Jesus,” or “he stood with me.”

Most of all, I pray they will say, “When I saw him, I saw Jesus.”

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