Friday, June 23, 2017

Hero Dad, pt 3, Things that Matter cont.

Hero Dad pt 3 Things that Matter, Continued

As a dad, I haven't figured it all out, and am still learning, but I have learned that there are some things that really matter. See Part 1 and Part 2

Words Matter

James 1:11 says, “Out of the same mouth proceed blessings and cursing.”

It is amazing how, as dads, our words can change the dynamics of a room. Out of my mouth we can speak blessing or cursing, peace or conflict, stability or insecurity, courage or fear, healing or wholeness. We really determine destiny. If we are successful at something, chances are someone told us that we were good at it, or challenged us to be good at it. This is especially true if our primary love language is words of affirmation (See Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages). This one happens to be one of mine. I can live a whole week on a good compliment.

Decisions Matter

Big decisions, little decisions, decisions we make while making decisions; they all matter, and our family notices all of them. The best decisions come from a life of discipline, because you don’t have to think to long about them.

Esther and I made a decision before we were married to give 10% of our income to God (tithe). When we are challenged financially, our tithing is not in question because it moved from a a decision to a discipline. When it comes to extra giving, we make that decision every year. We pray and listen to God’s voice and make our decision based on faith, and then we put it in our monthly budget. God has always provided for us. 

There are many other decisions we make that involve discipline: spending time with God, spending time with family, working hard at work, loving our church community, investing in the future, living a life of integrity, etc. They all have a ripple effect and make a difference on our future.

Are we perfect? No. Do we stumble? Yes. Do we fall? Yes. Do we make decisions we wish we would not have? Yes. When these happen, it gives us a chance to discuss the consequences of our decisions and experience God’s grace, seek forgiveness, and make correction.  

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