Friday, January 19, 2018

Centerpointe Church Words of Affirmation

Recently, we asked the congregation to submit words that, for them, represented Centerpointe Church. Here are the words they used:

generous, missions-minded, international, Biblical, outreach-focused, Spirit-filled, caring, instructional, worshipful, prayerful, cheerful, kind, inclusive, warm, searching, diverse, open-minded, Christ-centered, volunteer-focused, celebration-focused, community-focused, family-focused, connected, safe, multi-cultural, friendly, available, growing, gracious, breathing, mature, loving, friendships, beautiful, supportive, evangelic, outreach-oriented, happy, relevant, discipleship, talented

Here are a few sentences people also sent in:

“Centerpointe Church stands on the truth of the sacred Word.  The Church is compassionate, but does not compromise the truth.”
“I am blessed to be a part of our dear Centerpointe Church family since 2001! I thank God for this body of believers for their love & passion for the Lord and for People!!”
“Centerpointe Church makes me feel that I belong.”
“I am thankful for the prayers that resulted in family members going to church and the ability to serve in a leadership capacity.”
“I am thankful for my life group and my prayer group.”
“I am thankful for the teaching and discipleship.”
“I am thankful for the excellent, Bible-centered teaching.”
“I am thankful that Centerpointe Church is in the community of Fairfax and welcomes diversity.”
“I am thankful for the church making us feel welcomed and at home.”
“I am thankful for the leaders at Kids Pointe. They have really helped me get through a lot.”
“I am thankful for the supportive, encouraging, and uplifting family of Centerpointe Church. The abundant prayers, love and support they provided to my family through the sickness and subsequent loss of my dad.”
“I am thankful for my youth-group leaders and their dedication to teaching us about the word of God as well as the mother’s day service.”
 “I am grateful for a praying church.”
“I’ve been blessed by CP Church with many friends who truly care for me! Also with the opportunity to grow my gifts with a chance to serve.”
“CP to me is a place where I get to interact with others and share Christ.   It is a place where I can serve others, and be served by others, and share the blessings and pains of life with my Christian family in a safe environment. It is a place where we work together to reach out to our community and those in need and where spreading the gospel to the world is a top priority.”

And then there is this one: “I thank God that I have had a place to worship for 31 years.”

As you can see, God is using Centerpointe Church to make an impact on Northern Virginia and around the world. 

It is a joy to serve such a congregation.


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