Monday, October 25, 2010

25 Year Reunion

Last week Esther and I attended our 25th reunion of Valley Forge Christian College. We connected with people we haven't seen since then and reminisced of days gone by. It was a wonderful time with people that changed our lives so many years ago.

Listening to the journeys of each life was fascinating. God's grace, mercy and goodness was evident in each life. Each of us at one time or another went through some kind of crucible: a time where we needed God's sustaining grace to hold us. And guess what... He was found faithful! He wrote His story on each of our hearts.

As Esther and I made our way through old hallways, we were also reminded of God's direction in our lives and His guidance. We were young, immature and insecure, but God chose us anyway. For the four years we attended VFCC, God changed us. We learned that confidence is not found within ourselves, but in God. We also learned what it meant to live in community. The good and the bad are quickly exposed when you live in close proximity for an extended amount of time. Furthermore, we learned what it meant to pray, study God's Word, and communicate it to others. Those years were the beginning of a devotional time with God where I learned to hear His voice. That voice continues to guide us.

Thank you friends for sharing your stories with us. More than that, thank you for sharing four great years together. Two of my daughters are now walking hallways of different schools - growing in God and friendships. I pray that they experience God in even greater ways than we did.

Serving the King,

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