Friday, March 18, 2011

My Last Day At Trinity

Sunday, March 13th, I said goodbye to some great friends and family. I know that many people leave churches for many reasons...ministers also leave – some for good reasons and some for not-so-good reasons. I happened to be blessed in that my reason for leaving Trinity was to become the lead pastor at Centerpointe Church at Fair Oaks in Fairfax, VA. I am doubly blessed because I had the opportunity to work with Pastor George Raduano and the incredible staff of Trinity for 4 ½ years. The leadership lessons I learned will be applied to the rest of life, personally and in ministry.

If there ever was a prescribed way of honoring someone when they leave, Trinity could write the manual. I feel very humbled by the church's love and encouragement. I was sent off with a gift certificate for a two-day retreat at the Antrim House for Esther and myself (Esther says we need to wait for six months when I am completely exhausted). I also received a cappuccino maker, which I am enjoying immensely. It was the perfect gift for me. I guess Pastor George did not want to see me drive 65 miles to get a cup of coffee from his office. Esther received a gift certificate to the Coach store where she, for sure, will purchase a new purse. The service ended in prayer for our family and a time of fellowship – many hugs, handshakes and encouragement. Many wrote cards with expressions of love, which Esther and I read together – with a few tears falling.

It was a great day. 

To Trinity – Although I was the discipleship and teaching pastor, I received more from you than you can ever imagine. You laughed with me when I made some blunders, and you let me lead and try new things. I will miss you. You have imbedded yourself into my heart. Centerpointe Church is going to look a lot like you over the next several years – worshipping…growing…serving.

To the Pastoral Staff – Thanks for receiving me as a team member quickly and helping me excel in my giftings as well as challenging my growth areas. You are all very gifted in your role and serve the church well.

To the Support Staff Q3 (you know who you are) – I can’t imagine what life would have been like at Trinity without your help. I will never forget our 8:30 breakfast times at Stone Mill, the missions weeks, and all the events and ministries we worked on. You are a great team. Thanks, Pam, for your leadership and passion for excellence.

To Pastor George – I came as a good friend and left with a best friend. Thanks for sharing your life and heart with me. You are truly a generous man of God. Your consistent leadership at Trinity has led the way to health and vibrancy.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you. May He give you strength for today and hope for tomorrow.

With Love,

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