Sunday, May 15, 2011

Observations of Generous People

I have been the recipient of overwhelming generosity throughout my life. Here is a list of some personal observations about generous people:
  1. Generous people are grateful people. They have an acute understanding that everything they have has been given to them by God.
  2. Generous people are not always wealthy people. Wealth has nothing to do with generosity. See npr story for an interesting article.
  3. Generous people don’t need special recognition for their generosity.
  4. Generous people are attractive in personality, and they inspire others to be generous.
  5. Generous people don’t spend time complaining about things they don’t like.
  6. Generous people have no regrets. There are no strings attached and they don’t keep score.
  7. Generous people don’t wait for “someday” to be generous. Instead of talking about making a difference, they respond quickly.
  8. Generous people end life well. Those who think they got a raw deal in life, end up with resentment; but those who live with gratitude end life with a deep sense of the amazing grace that surrounds them.
If you want to leave a legacy of generosity, start living that legacy now.

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