Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Band of Brothers

I just spent the last three days with my band of brothers. Over the last ten years, we have met together for three days to tell our stories, have fun and pray. We talk about everything - and I mean everything. Every year, someone is walking through a personal challenge and we give them enough room to talk. We listen, ask questions, pray, read scripture and speak words of encouragement, which many times become prophetic. It's all in a safe, confidential environment. Last year I, and one of the other guys, was on the hot seat. It was a year of serious transition for me, and a family health issue for the other. One year later, each of the prophetic prayers over us were answered: I was led to Centerpointe Church and my friend's daughter was healed. Praise God for both!!  This was a year to celebrate.

This year we took a trip to see Mark Batterson, a friend and author of Circle Maker and pastor of National Community Church. What God has done in his life over the last 15 years is miraculous. We spent the rest of the day in D.C., walking, eating, and in serious laughter. Later, we returned to our hotel for another session of prayer. IT WAS AWESOME!

I give thanks for my band of brothers. I only wish that every man, especially every pastor had a group of other pastors that they could share their life with.

My Band of Brothers with Mark Batterson. What a Day!

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