Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day

Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day, and it was, so far, one of my favorites. Yes, we had a good day at church. Our theme was "Duct Tape Dynasty... Building a Legacy that Sticks!" Our Family Life Pastor, John Carter, preached a great message and we honored all the men of the church. But that's not what made it my favorite.

On Saturday, our daughter Melanie finally convinced us to get an outdoor fire pit. We had turned her down so many times before, but for some reason gave in. On Sunday, Esther and I went out for a little bit and came home to find Melanie putting it together in the garage. Of course, as a dad, I had to jump in and help. Being reminded of Pastor John's message to read the instructions, we followed them step by step.

After assembling, we got some wood and made a fire. At first, because it was so hot outside, we were not really interested in sitting around it, but eventually we all gave in. With Brittany just returning from her trip to California, all four daughters and Esther were present. We roasted some marshmallows and got out a couple guitars and sang choruses and dreamed of future plans - personally and for Centerpointe Church. I listened as my girls talked about serving the Lord and desiring to make a difference for His Kingdom.

I somehow felt older as I watched the love of the ministry passed on to the next generation of Edwards. At the same time I felt younger dreaming with them about the future.

On thing for sure - I felt honored to be their dad.

Eventually, we prayed together.

Nothing profound, just very meaningful.

I am reminded of what Dr. Bob Rhoden said, "It doesn't always have to be monumental to be meaningful."

Thanks Esther and girls for making my day.

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