Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Establish the Work of Our Hands

In July I had the opportunity to break away from the normal routine of pastoring and take some time to reflect and dream. It gave me a chance to evaluate the past three years at Centerpointe Church and think about our future. It also gave me a chance to rest, exercise, reconnect with some mentors and friends and enjoy some things I love, like riding a motorcycle, visiting coffee shops and going to Camden Yards to watch the Orioles. 

This also gave me an opportunity to visit other churches and celebrate what God is doing in other places. Not only did I enjoy the messages, I learned some things about the way other churches function and take care of their guests. God is working all over to bring people to himself.

Reading books about church and leadership was very rewarding during this time. My favorites were: Leading the Starbucks Way by Joseph A Michelli; The Multiplying Church by Bob Roberts Jr.; Listening to the Voice of God by Roger Barrier.

The real impact came from visiting the campus of Lee University in Chattanooga Tennessee. As we were walking around campus I noticed that on every building, engraved in stone was the scripture reference Psalms 90:17. We later discovered a bronze statue (in honor of Paul and Darlia Conn) of a man sitting on a bench with his Bible opened to the verse which says, “May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us, and may He establish the work of our hands, yes establish the work of our hands.” This is the prayer of a desperate soul who recognized his temporary presence in this world and wants to leave a meaningful legacy. This became my theme verse for July and also the messages I would preach in August and September. 

The Life Application Bible says this about the verse, “Because our days are numbered, we want our work to count, to be effective and productive. We desire to see God’s eternal plan revealed now and for our work to reflect his permanence.”

There are major changes happening at Centerpointe Church. We are dreaming about our future and making bold strategic steps towards it. My prayer is the same as the psalmist, “Lord, whatever we do, let it be for your honor because that is the only way it will mean anything for the future generations. It’s important that we get this right, so give us wisdom to know your direction, discernment to know your voice and courage to follow through.”

Serving Him,
Pastor Keith


Steve Brimmer said...

Awesome! Love the verse and love the direction you are going. I will pray for great success.

Dr. Keith G Edwards said...

Thank you Steve.
The decisions you made as pastor here set us up for a great future.