Live, Love and Lead

It's what pastors do.

We LIVE. We live our lives believing that God has called us to make a difference. Like everyone else, our lives are filled with joy and sorrow, but we seek to live in such a way that others can follow.

We LOVE. We love God and we love people. We believe God is working in our lives and we offer ourselves to His service. We also believe that God is working in the world to bring people into a relationship with Him. It's a simple formula really - nothing more...nothing less.

We LEAD. We serve God by leading. I am not talking about authoritarianism, nor am I referring to coercion or manipulation. We lead from the motivation of love. We lead people to Christ and gently through the process of personal growth and maturity. We help people find and fulfill their "God Design."

It's what we do.

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