Monday, July 18, 2011

There's an App for That!

Sunday I preached a message titled, "There's an App for That!" There are now over 450,000 apps for smart phone users, but here are some apps that have yet to be developed: 
  1. When someone cuts you off in traffic or cuts in front of you at the grocery store - you press an app and they go back 10 spaces.
  2. When you are taking a final exam - you press an app and you remember everything you study. Better yet, it takes the exam for you.
  3. When you are about to say the wrong thing to your wife - the app stops you in mid-sentence and changes the words. For example, your wife asks you how the meal was and you are about to say, "It's ok I guess." The app stops you and speaks for you saying, "Wow, I'm so glad we stayed home to eat, I could not have imagined a better meal today, and here, let me clean up for you."
  4. When you are bored of the person you are talking to, or they are annoying you - you press the app and the person disappears and someone else reappears.
  5. When you have too much to do and you want to go fishing - you press the app and it clones you.
  6. When you are feeling tired and lazy - there is an exercise app. It does the exercises for you while you eat ice cream.
What app would you like to have invented?

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