Saturday, February 09, 2013

What Are You Reading?

A friend of mine asked me a question on one of my posts about the books I read outside of sermon prep, so I thought I would post a short blog on the subject. I hope it is helpful.

First, let me say that I am not one of those people that read incessantly. My oldest daughter Stephanie reads everything and all the time, but I can't read that much. Secondly, I can't read anything without it eventually being used in a sermon sometime. I use Evernote and highlight my Kindle or book so I can keep track. Thirdly, I'm not the person that enjoys fiction more than once a year - I wait for the movie. Finally, I confess, I am a compulsive reader. I read when I feel like it. I do a lot of reading for sermon preparation, so to read just to read is a chore.

All of that said, and confessions made, I do like to consistently read three types of books: Church Life, Personal Leadership and Spiritual Growth. 

I love to read about the church of Jesus Christ and how He demonstrates his love for the church. People like Craig Groeschel inspire me to keep going and believing for great things. I also like to read about how I can grow in my leadership. This could be a book on coaching, dealing with people, change, pastoral life, etc. I am currently reading Dr. Bob Rhoden's book "The Four Faces of a Leader". I also want to be reading a book that helps me dig deeper in scripture and my walk with Christ. It may be one of the classic books on prayer or spiritual disciplines or a recent popular book that challenges me spiritually.

If you want a list of my current reading, see the "Books I Am Reading" sidebar.

I hope this helps. 

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