Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thankful for Armor Bearing Friends

Warning... what you are about to read is mushy and sentimental but from the heart. 
This week I was reminded once again how significant it is to have people in my life that know how to walk alongside of me and offer prayer and encouragement.

First, I am thankful for Esther, my wife, who believes our greatest days are ahead of us. I am thankful for my girls who love God and put Him first over everything else. I am thankful for my mom who prays and prays and prays. I am thankful for my in-laws who stand with us in everything. I am thankful for the friends I have made over the last 50 years who have been there through every move and every season without wavering. I am thankful for the mentors, coaches, pastors, bosses and teachers who invested in me with support, encouragement, and accountability. I am thankful for staff people that I have worked under, worked with, and lead with dreams and visions of great things to happen. We tried many things - some failed, but most succeeded. It's all about teamwork. I am thankful for elders and deacons, past and present, who were willing to "give it a shot." When it got hot, they took the heat and stood with me to see what would God do. Finally, I am extremely thankful for the people and churches who have given me the honor and privilege to serve them through leading, teaching, coaching and preaching. Together, we have experienced God's goodness and shared our lives.

This year will be Esther and my twenty-fifth anniversary and our twenty-fifth year of serving in ministry together - what a journey! If you have experienced God's grace, fallen in love with Jesus a little bit more and discovered God's purpose for your life, then our journey was filled with abundant joy.

And we are just getting started...

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