Friday, June 07, 2013

Promises Promises

Isaiah 61 and Joel 2 are two great passages where discouragement is confronted by the promises of God. As you are reading, underline each promise or write them down.

Here are just a few:
The Promise of Provision
The Promise of Deliverance
The Promise of Freedom
The Promise of Gladness
The Promise of The Holy Spirit
The Promise of Salvation
The Promise of Healing
The Promise of Comfort
The Promise of Restoration

You have too much history with God’s provision to let this moment discourage you!!

My Prayer:
Lord, remind me of your great provision. I trust in you and will live knowing my future is in your hand.

Prayer for Centerpointe Church:
Lord, help us to have such a positive view of the future that it shows up in everything we say and do.

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