Sunday, January 08, 2012

Making A Resolution vs. Being Resolved

Saturday, at a men's breakfast, we discussed the difference between “making a resolution” and being “resolved.”Making a resolution has lost its meaning over the years because we have broken so many of them. It is now a throw away word creating short-sighted goals.

To be resolved is about character. For examples: 

  • We should be people resolved to be a person after God’s own heart
  • We should be people resolved to be a person of integrity
  • We should be people resolved to be godly parents, leaders, friends, etc.

Being resolved sets up a belief system or value system which then gives our short-term goals have purpose and meaning. For Examples:
  • I am resolved to be a man of The Word, therefore I will spend 5/15/30/60 minutes each day reading ad meditating on the Bible
  •  I am resolved to be a Godly husband, therefore I will pray with my wife each day
  • Centerpointe Church is resolved be a church of prayer and unity, therefore we will spend the first full week of the year fasting and praying
  • Centerpointe Church is resolved to be a church where spiritual growth and authentic relationships happen, therefore we will create space for those things to happen (example physical space and calendar space)  

So don't simply make resolutions - be RESOLVED!

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