Monday, February 13, 2012

The Mission of Centerpointe Church

Before a church can move forward, it must understand what God has called it to be. Yes, all churches should have the same values of Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship and Evangelism, but the expression of those things are unique to each church. Defining that unique mission is a place to start. It lays the foundation for ministry and brings clarity and focus. 

Discovering your mission is a matter of prayer, calling, giftedness and community awareness. It doesn't come by reading another church's website or attending another church growth seminar. There are no shortcuts.

Over the last year, Centerpointe Church has been seeking God's wisdom and direction. We now believe that he has given us direction. 

The Mission of Centerpointe Church is to be a Pentecostal church in Fairfax, Virginia, that brings the One Hope of Jesus Christ, with One Heart in unity, working with One Mission to change our community and impact the world. 

We believe God has strategically placed us in the center of Fairfax County for these reasons:
  • To see MANY come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ and become his disciples
  • To grow deep in our knowledge and passion for God and our love for others
  • To grow broader in our outreach through compassion, evangelism and missions
  • To impact the marketplace through leadership and influence
  • To restore the beauty of the arts back to the Creator
  • To bring healing, vitality and health to marriages and families
  • To establish new churches and revitalize existing ones
  • To raise up and release an army of trained pastors, missionaries and leaders
Of course, these are simply words on paper if there is no movement toward practical application. As Centerpointe Church moves forward, careful attention will be given to each area. 

May the Lord grant us favor as we follow Him. 

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