Monday, February 20, 2012

Ready the House - "Make It So"

I am excited about what God is doing at Centerpointe Church. Over the last two Sundays, I have shared the vision of “Ready the House”. God has uniquely and strategically placed CP in Fairfax to make an impact for Christ, and we are making the house ready for increase by:

 - Making our facilities as exciting as our people 

 - Enhancing and securing our children and youth areas 

 - Expanding our influence through media and technology 

 - Creating space for relationships and discipleship pathways 

 - Making necessary improvements 

 - Launching a second Sunday Morning Service

Each week, I have been asking strategic leaders if they are "all in". It's been incredible to see the excitement and hopeful expectation in their eyes. They know it will take prayer, work, unity, faith and extraordinary generosity, but each one has jumped on board enthusiastically. 

I love this church!



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