Monday, January 01, 2018

Feeling Blessed

On Thursday, December 21, Caroline Grace Hallberg entered into our world. Shown here are our four daughters and Caroline.

It's hard to express the blessings Esther and I feel as parents, and now grandparents.

As I sat in the hospital room with Esther, my four daughters, and my son-in-law, I was overwhelmed with a sense of joy.

In 2017, we weaved in and out of emotional highs and lows. The year was challenging on several different levels, emotionally and spiritually, but in all things we experienced God's presence among us.

Seeing Caroline ended our year on the highest note we could think of.

Pastor Craig Groeschel said in his Christmas Eve message, "We celebrate God on the mountains, but we get to know him in the valleys." He is so right. Let me add that we also get to know ourselves, our weaknesses and strengths, and we realize how much we need God to carry us in the journey of life.

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